Sean Baxter

Sean Baxter

Firearms Instructor, NRA, NC DOJ, USCCA

Sean Baxter is a certified NRA Basic Pistol Instructor and is certified by the North Carolina Department of Justice as a Concealed Carry Firearms Instructor.  He is an active seventh degree Master Instructor in Taekwondo, and a veteran of the US Army Infantry having qualified Rifle Sharpshooter.

Teaching and seeing his students excel has been his passion for over 25+ years.

I have my conceal carry permit but retook Mr. Baxter’s class as my boyfriend took the class for his conceal carry. This class was by far better than the one I took for my conceal carry through someone different. After this class with Mr. Baxter I felt confident enough to handle a pistol which I had not before and only carried a revolver. Right after the class I went and bought my first pistol with no fear as I had before this class.
Rachel B.

Sean Baxter is an amazing instructor! I loved that he took the time to explain anything that we did not understand and was extremely patient with us. I would definitely take another class with him!
Quyona R.


As someone who has never seen, handled or shot a gun before, this was an excellent class.  We had people of varying levels of experience, but I felt comfortable throughout the class.  I found the classroom drills to be very helpful.  I’m looking forward to taking more classes from Right Sight Training.
Natasha B.

For that training that goes the extra mile, this is the class.
Sean Baxter is a very patient instructor that ensures nothing but A1 instruction.

Robin T.

"How do I register for the Concealed Carry Class?"
You may register by going to our Events page and completing the online checkout.  As soon as checkout is complete, the class information will be sent via email with your receipt.  As an alternative to paying online you can also call our office to make arrangements by phone.
"Where is the class held?"

The Concealed Carry Class Location

The classroom session is held inside Concord Taekwondo in our training room.    The range location will be announced during the classroom session.

"How do I apply for my Concealed Carry Handgun Permit?"
After the class is complete, the instructor will score your written test and range qualification performance.  If you pass the written and range qualification you will receive a Training Completion certificate, necessary for applying for a NC concealed carry permit.  Following successful completion of the class, you can either visit your local sheriff’s office or you can schedule your Concealed Carry permit application appointment online.  It is all fairly simple and your instructor will provide you more information during the class.