Woman Carrying Handgun

This course will qualify you for obtaining the necessary training certificate when applying for your NC concealed carry permit. You will be taught the fundamentals of proper and safe pistol handling and firing.

Students will need eye and ear protection and 50 rounds of ammunition. Pistols will be available for rent if a student does not have one or wishes to work with something different.

The State of NC requires an individual to apply for a concealed carry handgun permit at their local Sheriff’s Office. The application requires a minimum of eight hours training from a state certified firearms instructor, pass a written exam, and qualify with a handgun firing at targets at various distances.

Successfully completing this class, which includes the written test as well as the live fire qualification, students will receive proof of completion of the required training with NC.

Depending on attendance, range time will follow on Sunday.  Otherwise range time will be scheduled based on availability.

You may sign up for this class on our Events Page

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