Right Sight Training

Get it right at Right Sight Training

Right Sight Training

Get it right at Right Sight Training

Get the Right Training

Right Sight Training (RST) promotes firearm safety for all individuals, from the novice gun owner just learning how to operate their weapon properly to the advanced user honing their skills.

It is likely that you or someone you know will be required to protect themselves or your family.  RST provides you with the knowledge, skills and equipment to do so, both safely and effectively!

RST offers defensive weapons training including handguns, shotguns and other firearms. RST works closely with members of the local law enforcement to provide you with the best weapons training.

Our Training Philosophy
For that training that goes the extra mile, this is the class.
Sean Baxter is a very patient instructor that ensures nothing but A1 instruction Robin T.

I really enjoyed this class. Sean Baxter is a great instructor. If you don’t understand, he will explain and demonstrate until you do. Thank you for your patience. Hope to see you in the advance class. Judy P.

Sean Baxter is an amazing instructor! I loved that he took the time to explain anything that we did not understand and was extremely patient with us. I would definitely take another class with him! Quyona R.

This class rocks!  I learned so much about the fundamental of handgun handling and about places that I can and cannot carry. And about how to safely hold and fire a handgun. It opened up my mind about things before using deadly force, to think about other options. I learned about how important is to carry your license permit. I need to go outdoor range shooting more, love it. Antonio H.

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Get the right training.  Learn proper, safe, and legal handling of a firearm before an incident occurs.