BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER! I absolutely would recommend this class to ANYONE! Even if you weren’t necessarily interested in openly carrying a firearm in public. It teaches you the essentials needed to protect yourself if a situation were to arise. Teaches you gun safety. which was the most important reason I chose to take the class. I knew the basics… pull trigger boom, boom,boom, hand the firearm back to my husband to “work his magic”. (Inserting the next clip in and cocking back) I have been around guns my whole life and didn’t have the proper training. Looking back it’s kinda scary. I would rather learn about firearms then be scared of them. It truly gave me the confidence and knowledge needed to safely operate a firearm and the laws and responsibilities that go along with it! The gun simulation was so much fun. Everyone I have told about the simulator didn’t even have that technology in their class. Which came as a surprise! Mr. Baxter kept it interesting and educational with real life scenarios. I would give this class 10 stars as you can’t really put a star rating on saving the people you love. I look forward to more advanced classes with Mr. Baxter!