“Give a woman a small, lightweight revolver because all she has to do is grab it out of her nightstand, point and shoot.”

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard this in gun shops, at trade shows, and from husbands explaining why their wives are burdened with a gun that has minimal sights and a long, heavy trigger pull! I could literally write a book on the subject of ‘Misconceptions regarding Gun Selection’.  Let me just say that a woman or a man, when confronted with a situation requiring them to pull a gun from their nightstand, needs a gun that they can quickly HIT with on the first and second shot and then be able to deliver a precision shot if needed.   If you miss, the only reason you will survive is because your opponent is sloppy.  In order to be able to HIT with a handgun, you need high visibility sights and a trigger that provides a clean, crisp trigger break.  The small revolver or small pistol is a weapon that satisfies a specific tactical niche and requires advanced training to use it effectively for general self defense.  (by Dr. Ignatius Piazza)

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